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Accommodation on the way of San Benedict of Norcia

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vista dal balcone

Overlooking the Lago del Turano, it offers an enchanting view of the lake and surroundings.

Travelers on the way of San Benedict find cheap accommodation to sleep on the Turano lake. The Turano lake is located on the path of San Benedetto. The lake is 536 meters above sea level. The Turano lake is characterized by the presence on its banks of ancient villages and castles. Half of the lake is facing Colle di Tora and Castel di Tora, dominated by the tower of the ancient castle. Opposite the town, on a small conical rocky peninsula are the ruins of the castle of the Dragon, at whose feet are visible the remains of the ancient village of Antuni. Further upstream are facing two other countries: Ascrea and Paganico. Rocca Sinibalda and Collalto Sabino are the most important centers near the Turano Lake. Rocca Sinibalda is dominated by the famous sixteenth-century castle, in the shape of an eagle. The castle was built by the architect Baldassarre Peruzzi, commissioned by Cardinal Alessandro Cesarini, on a rocky spur guarding the Turano valley. Collalto Sabino boasts a 15th-century castle and the nearby convent of San Francesco. From Rocca Sinibalda you can reach the lake of Salto, with a panoramic route of about thirty kilometers, through the backbone of Mount Navegna, passing through Longone, Vallecupola and Varco Sabino. Another road from which you can enjoy splendid views of the Terminillo, Monte Velino and the mountains and hills sloping down towards Rome, is the one that joins Rieti to Longone. It can be used as a variant to reach the Lakes of Salto and Turano from Rieti.

panorama sul lago del Turano

Unspoiled nature, green hills, dark spots of woods and forests, majestic snow-capped peaks, clear rivers and silvery lakes: this is the province of Rieti. The territory retains a special charm, constituting an oasis of savage beauty that has managed to remain intact: from the Franciscan sanctuaries, full of mystical atmospheres, to the castles; from the villages, which tell ancient cultures and traditions, to the endless expanses of olive groves; from the slopes, now gentle now steep, to impervious mountains. The Terminillo ski resort and sports facilities, together with cultural events and gastronomic delicacies of this land, ensure a pleasant stay characterized by wellness and fun.

Colazione vista lago del Turano

The lake of the Turano is about 25 km from Rieti, 30 km from the ski slopes of Terminillo and 70 km from Rome. The waters of Lake Turano are classified among the main ones where fishing as well as amateur fishing is allowed. The shores of the lake are entirely practicable because they are served by roads that can be traveled by car.

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